Contact Me?

To hear, one must be silent.

Ogion, Wizard of Re Albi

If you wish to get in touch with me via email then please read the Contact Me? page on Stars Uncounted (which deals primarily with the official book reviews I usually do not write but has my Fantasy-business email). Beyond that, I check twitter every two to four days, so feel free to ask me anything there.

Point of order, though, and as all my friends can confirm, I loathe swear-words/profanity (and have, believe it or not, never uttered one in my life) and cannot abide incivility – meaning that tweets or emails stiff with either are (far) less likely to be answered. Furthermore, I recognize internet trolls just as readily as I do those Gandalf tricked into becoming stone and judge them of approximate intelligence. Bottom line? Contact me only if you are in earnest and have something nice and/or intelligent to say.

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